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 Denise C. ,  RN in Phoenix, Arizona 

She is a one of the health care professionals the “think tank” that became the MED-Q Smart PillBox with Alarms.   Denise said, ” Seniors don’t need much of a  excuse not to take their medication.  The Pill boxes biggest fear,  they would purchase a Med-Q Pill Box and the pill organizer would end up in a drawer or a cabinet instead of managing their medication properly.

MedQ Smart PillBox came into existence in 2014. 

Our mission was to address medical non -compliance with a new type of  Medication Box.  The need for a  better PillBox with Alarms was obvious.    The fear of Mom forgetting pills, or dad forgetting medication can be solved with a smart pill holder.

Our First Prototype had a very loud alarm. Common sense dictated high volume for Seniors.  But the facts were different.  If the alarm started too loud, it would scare the user and they would pull the batteries out of their Pill Reminder defeating the purpose.  Med-Q timer solutions, have the alarm start softer and increase in volume.  The statistics with this, what appears to be a small change , were over-whelming.  Med-Q is “The Smart Pillbox”

Intensive research was done combining Nurses Knowledge, many different pill box with alarm prototypes and user studies.  The “negatives” were eliminated and the “positives” were built on to make the best pill reminder, pill dispenser and medication timer all rolled up in one.  The Med-Q Smart Electronic  PILL BOX with Alarms was eventually perfected.  The use of LED LITE-BOX Technology with Triple Alarms made it possible.   We feel we met our goal with the MED-Q programmable pill box with alarms.  We have made available  a medication tool that can virtually eliminate mistakes.

The solution was LED LITE-BOX Technology that made the pillbox better.

 The World health Organization has said “90% of Seniors make medication errors”  How big is the impact?  The Wall Street Journal has called Medical non-compliance “America’s other Drug Problem”  The USA TODAY says “Medication errors cost the United States medical system in excess of 350 Billion a year.  MedQ Pill box to the rescue

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