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The Alzheimer’s Association  provides an overview of talking challenges among people with the Alzheimer’s disease and tips that will help caregivers improve communication.  The Family Caregiver Alliance  has tips for communicating with a person with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

The Alzheimer’s Association’s “Communication” brochure includes best approaches to communicate with a person with dementia and how to help a person suffering from the disease to communicate.
WebMD  gives info on verbal and non-verbal ways of communicating with a loved one.

Alzheimer's need are special.  From the best pill dispenser with alarms to the best way to talk and communicate.  Any and all tips are helpful on the journey.

Pill Dispenser for taking care of Alzheimer’s Sufferers

Pill Dispenser with alarms
pill dispenser with alarms
Alzheimer's Pill Dispenser

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Dad Forgetting his Alzheimer’s Medication?

 If dad is forgetting medication,he need a pill box with alarm. if mom is forgetting medication she need as pill reminder or timed pill dispenser.   There is a challenge for the caregiver or long-distance caregivers help with medical regimens. One thing is sure, medication is important and must be taken right.

Auto Pill Dispenser or Electronic Pill Box Reminders

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia require some type of pill dispenser.  People forget to take medication in the best of circumstance, with Alzheimer’s the problem is worse.   A Pill Box that is also a pill reminder is important to make sure they take their pills properly.  A Medication alarm clock can help with providing care from a distance.  It is important to note thatlAlzheimer’s forgetting medication is NOT a symptom of AIMM's, (Age Induced Medication Errors).

Communication Challenge

Just basic “talk” with a Alzheimer’s or dementia sufferer can be difficult. Below are some resources to help c communicate :

Knowing what Pill Dispenser to use with Alzheimer's 

Knowing what to expect and preparing for the challenges, can Alzheimer’s disease  sufferers live better lives and also stay at homes.  Care giving is difficult and challenging at best.   Having good information can help you be ready for the challenges each stage may bring.

For some people it occurs gradually over time while for others, it can happen overnight.    There is no medical cure for Alzheimer’s or dementia, but suffers’ usually need to take other medications.  A pill box will not take care of this.  Alzheimer’s forgetting medication need a pill clock or some type of medication timer.