Med-Q Medication Compliance System

Modern SolUTION To Forgetting and Mis-Dosing

Ezy Dose Locking Pill Box and Med Planner

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About The Medication Box

It comes equipmmded with a  Lid locking mechanism to help keep pills and supplemnts safe. as well as Preventing spills.  The individual pill compartments are clearly labeled and have contoured bottoms for easy scooping and pouring.  Large compartments can hold  up to 20 full sized Aspirin.   The medication box is well made, sturdy for repeated long term use.

MedQ Medication Compliance System

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About the Pill Box

Med-Q Pill Box is the first generation of of smart pill boxes.  The Medq will flash the pill box compartment holding that times pills. In addition, it has an alarm that will repeat every thrity minutes until thepillsare takem.  The Pill reminder holds well over 300 pills.  A very simple and and easy to oprertate desing

Ideal for home health care as well as a great caregiver's aid. Powered by two AA batteries

The Top Ten Pill Box Choices

Picking your own #1  Best Pill Box is a very Personal choice.

The importnace of managing a  chronic disease through medication is the differwnce between life and death.  A pillbox as well as a a smart pill reminder will have a a direct corialtion with maintaining one's own health.    The critical nature of proper medication management will grow as people get older.

Virtually all of the Elderly will have a condition called AIMM’s (Age Induced medication Mistakes).  Using a proper pillbox as well as a pill organizer with alarms will be a vital part of taking medicine as  theyager.  Med-Q Pill Reminder with alarms  has listed the top selling pill boxes.  They will range from a basic pill box with alarms to an automatic pill dispenser.  

pill box

Mad Hatter Pill Holder

Compact 1 or 2 Compartment  Medicine Case
by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild
43 out of 5 stars 623 reviews

About the Mad Hatter Pill Holder

Mad Hatter Pill Holder.
SOLID CONSTRUCTION - The pill box is well built  as well as having a reliable clasp to keep ones' pills and medications safe.   It has a spring latch. Pressing the button flips the lid open

FINE CHROME - The circular pill holder is BPA free.  The chrome pill box  has a high-gloss picture on the front as well as the back.  It has 2 compartments inside separated by a divider remove the divider you can now have1 big compartment.

The pill holder is 2" in diameter, and 5/8" thick. It fits in one's  purse as well as a pocket.   It makes a great gift for a loved one who is taking medication.

Gasketed VitaCarry

About the Pillbox

8 Compartment .  The Smart Pill Box Holds Up To 150 Pills. It is also Waterproofby VitaCarry
4.2 out of 5 stars 617  reviews

The 10 Best Pill Boxes  Feb 2017
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7 Day Travel Pill Box, Prescription & Medication Organizer with Pill Case from Stuff Seniors Need
4.6 out of 5 stars 685 reviews

Great tool for CAREGIVERS

Convenient pill organizer for storing as well as arranging medication 7 days in advance! Time-of-day compartments make pill management simple & precise. Also comes with braille symbols for days of the week and the hours of the day for those who have difficulty with their eyesight.

Designed for a CAREGIVER: Velcro closure makes it easier for seniors to open and close the binder unlike snap closures of most other pill cases. Plus it ensures the pill box doesn’t fly open during travel. Just one of the many features like the thicker plastic and redesigned insert card  If one is worried over the actual size of the pill box, there is no need to worry. Not meant for those taking a large number of big pills, specially those over 0.75" in length.

STYLISH ANONYMITY: Attractive, durable leather case provides added discretion and makes a fashion statement. Blank card inside is an ideal place for emergency contact info.


Set of 3 Pocket Metal Pill Box with 3 Compartments, Floral Design

3.4 out of 5 stars  with 42 reviews

About the Pill Box

Great pill case, home accessories as well as a nice gift.  Made out of Plastic.  Comes in a 3-pack with different colors
Ideal for keep pills as well as vitamins and supplements.  People also use it for buttons, beads, trinkets........ really anything small that can easily get lost.     Size: 50 mm

Pill Box

The Pill Bag

Size 3" X 2" 3 Mil
by The Pill Bag
4.8 out of 5 stars
343  reviews

CIELO  Keychain Pill Holder by Cielo

4.6 out of 5 stars 348 reviews

About the Cielo

HoldsNine aspirin sized pills.  It is very small as well as  "light" weight.    Diameter - 0.5"; Height - 2.3"; Weight - 1.0 oz.
Made in the United States, it is almost  indestructible  The Pill holder is also waterproof.   The perfect gift for friends and family.   Additional middle chambers available to increase storage.

Pill Box